Air and Pneumatic Tools for Sale in Houston, DE

For sale my Atlas corp 130CF air compressor. used in the past for sandblasting purpose & for outdoor use outside our warehouse located in the Baltimore Area. ( we use this air compressor for air gun tools/other tools in order to dismantle Agriculture machinery in order to stuff into a shipping container for export. very reliable unit, cant complaint. Unit will be sold as is, please refer to pho...
Air Compressor 2xM Quiet Oil Less-Tank Volume: 50L-Low Voltage Twin Motor:0.78kw*2 Brand New! -Quiet oil less Air Compressor -Tank Volume: 50L -Low Voltage Twin Motor:0.78kw*2 -Moisture Filter -Drain Plug -Moving Handles x2 -(2 Motor option-For more power) -Air Flow Speed(Input):274L/min -Air Flow Speed(Output):110L/min -Air Pressure:7bar/90PSI -Noise level 70db(A) -Weight 52KG -71*36*16cm -Rem...
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